1. Scholarship, Parents Smart Guide to Sending Your Kids to College Without Going Broke
In our founder's book, "The Parents Smart Guide To Sending Your Kids to College without Going Broke" Gwen Thomas shares her journey to secure a quality education for her son in private, charter, public schools, and ultimately, college. She provides strategies for parents to keep kids motivated and institutions accountable. Parents can assimilate their action plan, with guidance from what Thomas used to help her son generate $500,000.00 in scholarships along with international travel to 5 continents and 40 countries and 100 global cities.

This book provides an overview that teaches families the importance of college financial planning and cost-cutting measures that teach students how to avoid loan debt. Valuable apprenticeships, scholarships, and fellowship information provided for middle school students through doctorate candidates.
Thomas shares strategies to help parents put their students on the track to getting scholarships as early as middle school.

Parents will learn the importance of keeping their children motivated to excel in academics and how to keep them engaged. Students will learn how to write a winning scholarship essay. This book is a guide for busy parents, single moms, high income, middle income and low-income families who are struggling to get through the maze of obtaining a quality education for their children.

Parents and students will find this book helpful to learn about college debt traps, FAFSA, HBCU College, Ivy and Top Ten Schools, NCAA rules and emerging growth industries for students to consider studying.


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