DIRECTIONS: PLEASE PAY FEES, THEN EMAIL: COACH@FRESHPERSPECTIVESSEMINARS.ORG and you will be assigned a Sunday evening 3 pm to 8 pm or call 609 474-4877. Students are given homework for 2 and three hr sessions. A parent should be on the initial consultation. Your book is not included.  Spring and Summer Bootcamps are in person

Spring/Summer Break Bootcamp Class
(4 or more students)
Personal Scholarship Bootcamp
(Weekly for 30 days.)
3 hrs Scholarship Online Coaching
2 hrs Scholarship Online Coaching
1 hr Scholarship Consultation


  1. Sending your Child to College Without Going Broke
    3 hours
    Parents and Students
    A three part session where the facilitator will explore the realities of college costs, parent's will learn strategies needed to meet these costs without amassing debt, student's will learn how to write award winning essays and personal narratives, and prepare for scholarship and college interviews.
  2. 1 hr seminar or keynote address
    Parents and Students
    This seminar is a frank discussion on laying fundamental success and high achievement standards in your home to raise a successful child. The facilitator will discuss when students are presented with opportunities why they may be challenged and how parents can be equipped with strategies to guide their student toward success.
  3. How to Start a Small Business
    2.5 hours
    Young Entrepreneurs
    This seminar is designed to provide entrepreneurs the education and tools to launch a successful small business. The seminar includes the following 3 sessions: - Entrepreneur Series: Starting a Business - Writing a Business Plan - Marketing Your Business and More!
  4. Scholarship/Fellowship Writing Lab
    2 hours, online sessions available
    This is a workshop where students learn how to develop their scholarship essay writing skills. The facilitator will show the student how to increase their chances of conveying their ideas into a winning essay. Students should be prepared to spend some time collecting their thoughts, creating a personal statement and learning how to respond to scholarship essays. A personalized online seminar is available by appointment. This seminar is offered as a 2-6 hour online seminar, with homework for 3 weeks.
  5. Put Your Best Foot Forward Seminar
    1.5 hr
    Young adults Ages 14-21
    This seminar provides a real outlook on Job and Career Development. Young people get a real discussion on how it is in today’s workplace environment and how to navigate through corporations. The seminar gives them an ideal of how companies are ran and their role in developing skills and a persona to be successful in their development for the workplace.
  6. TeenPreneurs
    4 session (Full day or weekly)
    Young Entrepreneurs
    This seminar is designed to engage students in creating a business. The facilitator will teach aspects of starting and running a business. Students will learn about how to provide a 30-second elevator pitch, how to do industry research, registering their business, creating a business plan, marketing their business, bookkeeping and IRS requirements. This seminar can be done in a full day miniseries, five day program or as a weekly program over 4 to 8 weeks.
  7. Your Parenting Plan
    2 hr session or 1 hr keynote address
    Parents and Children
    This seminar addresses issues African-American children face when growing up in suburban or predominantly non-African American communities including what happens to these children when raised without a proper Parenting Plan. The facilitator lays out a plan of action for Parents for a Success Pathway, stressing that the success of children starts at home.

How to Raise a Child with Character and Conviction