“Taking The Debt Out Of College”

The college debt crisis is a decades-long dilemma that has left our communities with over 1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt. With increasingly high tuition rates and competitive job markets, Fresh Perspectives Seminars College & Career Readiness Program provides today’s parents and students with resources to plan for college, win scholarships, and develop sustainable careers.


Our Services

Scholarship Bootcamps

Our signature Pursuing Your Dreams and Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamps are annual interactive workshops designed for students and parents to discuss college readiness, ACT/SAT preparation, college planning, scholarship writing, and much more.

Student Seminars & Coaching

We offer a wide range of seminars and coaching both online and in-person, to support students with scholarship writing, business planning, and career development. We focus on equipping students with the strategies needed to move toward success.

Community Programming

We partner with colleges, universities, and local organizations to bring our workshops and seminars to communities globally. We support new student orientations, study abroad programs, and parent organizations.