About Us

The Fresh Perspectives Seminars College & Career Readiness Program takes a 21st-century approach to supporting parents and students in achieving a debt-free college education. Through innovative programming, coaching, and a recognition of the need for educational equity, we financially prepare students for today and tomorrow’s workplace.

Our vision is to eliminate debt for parents and students on the pathway to colleges, universities, and vocational programs worldwide. We are a small but mighty organization driven by a core set of values.


Instill in our work imagination and creativity in alignment with 21st-century education and career practices.


Deliver the highest quality products, seminars, and services across our range of programming and endeavors.


Strive to provide value and be of benefit to the communities of our students and parents and all Fresh Perspectives Seminars stakeholders.


Explore and bring to light new knowledge, ideas, and better and better ways of serving parents, educators, and students

Equity and Inclusion.

Recognize the disadvantages of inequitable power structures in society and strive to provide beneficial resources to traditionally underserved communities.

Gwen Thomas, Founder & CEO

“The Scholarship Mom”

Gwen Thomas is is the author of “The Parents Smart Guide to Sending Your Kids to College Without Going Broke.” She has worked with policymakers, businesses, colleges, associations, and clergy to discuss strategies to improve youth’s educational opportunities in urban, rural, and suburban communities. She prides herself on making significant life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged families to strengthen economic and social advancements for a sustainable quality of life. Fresh Perspectives collaborates with domestic and international organizations, and Thomas’ work is the manifestation of her passions to enlighten, educate and empower communities, eliminate debt, and create a world of equity and equality for all.

Fresh Perspectives Board of Directors

Everton Swearing, MBA
Board Chair
Vitesco Technologies
Germany, Michigan

Reneé Matthews M.D.

Vice President Content
Medical Media Expert
Illinois, Michigan

Tina Brewer, MBA
Procurement Consultant

Jason O. Lawson, MBA WSP

Shana Norfolk, MBA
Alignment Consultant