Step into The Office of Gwen Thomas, Your Scholarship Coach,

Unleashing $21,000,000 in Student Victory,

Hey there, Amazing Parents and Guardians,

Yes, you! I’m right here, ready to champion your cause.

Surprised? Don’t be. I’m here to understand you.

Ready to unleash some power?

Absolutely, you’ve hit the jackpot – the place where you’re not alone. You’re among the warriors seeking the ultimate escape route from a colossal pitfall etched in American history. Kudos to your determination to break your child free from this sticky trap. I’m here to cheer you on!

I was in your exact shoes once, on a quest to unlock a future my kids deserved. The life they’ve been chasing, the life I’ve sweated for day in and day out.

This treacherous trap has entrapped countless innocents all over the land. It woos them with sweet lies, whispers of safety, and glimmers of golden promises. Yet, once it clamps down, escape seems like a mirage, a distant dream nearly impossible to reach.

Sound familiar? Can you guess what it is?

Can you take a wild guess?

You got it – the notorious STUDENT LOANS!

A sneaky nightmare masquerading as a dream fulfilled…

Folks have unknowingly walked right into its sinister snare, making the gravest blunder of their lives.

Now, you’re at a crossroads…

It’s decision time. Do you become just another face in the crowd, marching like a zombie tangled in this trap? Or, will you stand strong, shoulder to shoulder with the trailblazers rewriting the story?

If you’ve picked the latter, brace yourself for some fantastic news.

Guess what? I wrestled with the same choices, just like you. And you know what happened? I chose to swim against the current. The result? I ventured forth, aiding people like you, armed with the might of a single, dynamite book.

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Take Control, and You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Education nowadays comes with a hefty price tag, not just in tuition fees, but also in the burdensome debt that often lingers long after graduation day.

But here’s the thing – isn’t it high time we discovered a remedy? A way to offer our kids the top-notch education they deserve, without being crushed under the weight of financial stress that could endanger their future?

I totally get where you’re coming from – because I’m right there with you. I understand the value of education and the burning desire to secure it for your child’s sake.

That’s why I’m here, offering you the same game-changing chance that turned the tide for my own kids.

This opportunity isn’t just a fancy term; it’s a treasure chest brimming with priceless information that has the power to unleash the full potential within your child.

Picture a world where full-ride scholarships and spot-on grants for specialized fields are well within grasp. Sound like a fairy tale? Well, it’s no fairy tale – it’s a reality, waiting for you to embrace it.

Within the pages of this book, your child will embark on a journey that leads to chasing their passions, diving headfirst into their interests, and achieving the goals they’ve set their sights on.

Visualize a future where they explore uncharted territories, forming priceless connections, and amassing skills and knowledge that lay the path to triumphant success.

Education today isn’t just a nice-to-have luxury; it’s a must in our swiftly changing world.

Equipped with a rock-solid education, your child will effortlessly adapt to newfangled technologies, cultivate innovative thinking, and boldly confront complex challenges.

Thinking outside the box, carving out fresh opportunities, and leading a rich, fulfilling life – this will become second nature to them.

And on their journey, you won’t just be a bystander; you’ll be right there, cheering them on, reinforcing their steps toward their dreams. The tranquility that will wash over you is priceless, knowing that you’ve been a driving force behind their achievements.

I genuinely believe that every child, including yours, deserves a fair shot at success.

More Than $21,000,000 In Total Scholarships And Thousands Of Parents Helped

As I dive deeper into the heart of this book and uncover its treasures,

Something truly amazing becomes clear: its power knows no bounds. It effortlessly aligns with any scholarship, at any top-notch institution.

What makes this book so special? It’s like a universal toolkit, designed to guide any student—no matter where they start from—towards their dream scholarship. And the best part? The advice inside these pages seems almost magical.

Imagine it as a wizard’s spell that turns your child into a “scholarship-getting-GURU.”

Now, let your imagination take over:

Visualize your child, standing proud in the grand halls of that dream university they’ve always aimed for. Envision them acing classes, conquering exams with flair!

Feel the pure joy radiating from them as they clasp their acceptance letter!

This feeling embodies what parents whose kids have been helped by this book feel. Their reality turned dreams into tangibles.

And guess what? That elation, that indescribable emotion, is waiting for you when you grab this book.

Ready to dive in? If you’re ready to follow my lead, to embrace the strategies I’m sharing within these pages, here’s my promise:

Your child won’t just set off on a path toward their dream university; they’ll also snag a full tuition scholarship along the way!

Ready to make it happen? Grab this opportunity now for just $30, and equip your child with insights and strategies that’ll propel them to scholarship success! 🌟


If you’re nodding along and saying “YES!” to any of the questions above…

Well, guess what? You’re in the right place! Meet your new partner-in-scholarship-crime: “The Smart Parent’s Guide to Sending Your Kids to College.”

I’ve got you covered with a step-by-step treasure map right inside this guide. It’s like a magic wand for scholarships – seriously, it’s that powerful!

What’s inside? Imagine it as a roadmap that’s helped parents like you pocket an amazing $21,000,000 in scholarships. That’s some serious cash right there!

Now, close your eyes for a second and picture yourself as the hero in this success story. The one who turned their child’s dreams into a reality using this guide.

Feeling the excitement yet? Let’s make it happen! 🌟

“Unlock a Glimpse of What Awaits You with This $30 Book…”

I totally get it – the hustle and bustle you’re diving into while aiming to snag that perfect scholarship for your kiddo.

Trust me, I’ve been in that very whirlpool of confusion and uncertainty, right where you stand today.

So, here’s the scoop: I’m dropping a stellar offer just for you, and it’s a steal at $30!

Why? Well, because I’ve walked those scholarship maze corridors, and I’m not about to let you wander in that same haze.

My goal is to arm you with the sharpest tools so you can chart a brilliant course for your child’s future. Let’s light up the path to greatness together!

Don’t miss this golden ticket – let’s team up and make your child’s dreams come true.

For me, it’s all about giving back, about lending a hand to parents like you. I’m pretty darn convinced that this could be a game-changer on a global scale.

What’s on the menu, you ask? Everything your child needs to ace that coveted scholarship…

Ready to dive in? Let’s rock this ship! 🚀

“Discover Why Thousands of Parents, Just Like You, Crave This Book…”

“Reading the book gave me a lot of insight into the kinds of scholarships. I liked the book because scholarships were organized by discipline, HBCUs, and private scholarships. The book allows you to see which pathways had the most scholarships. The scholarships added up and helped me win more than $500,000.00 in scholarships.

Danielle Brogdon, Multi-Cultural Brand Specialist, Howard University Graduate

“I loved the book. It was the best college planning tool.  It was empowering for me. This book is a real-life story. I had to have the book because if I knew if I followed her guidelines in the book, we too could have the success she had with her son.’

Marlin Williams, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach and Strategist

“With the help of Fresh Perspectives Seminars, I won three scholarships immediately after taking Ms. Thomas’ coaching and writing courses. Ms. Thomas taught me how to write to win and format my writing, so I have the best possible chance of winning scholarships. I never thought it could be this easy for me to win.”

Devin Lewis, Student

 “We thought scholarships were just for lower-income families. We thought middle-class parents like us had to fin for ourselves and figure things out. Fresh Perspectives Seminars shine a light on us and help us better understand how to get assistance. The book is impressive and has lots of resources. I highly recommend Fresh Perspectives. Without this book, we would have gone crazy. Now, we can enjoy this last year with him and the festivities.”

Ramon Lewis

Get to Know Me Better

I am Gwen Thomas, the author of “The Parents Smart Guide to Sending Your Kids to College Without Going Broke.”

I have worked with policymakers, businesses, colleges, associations, and clergy to discuss strategies to improve youth’s educational opportunities in urban, rural, and suburban communities.

I pride myself on making significant life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged families to strengthen economic and social advancements for a sustainable quality of life.

Fresh Perspectives collaborates with domestic and international organizations, and my work is the manifestation of my passions to enlighten, educate and empower communities, eliminate debt, and create a world of equity and equality for all.

This Book Ensures ‘The Best Education for Your Child’ – Your Ultimate Guide

Absolutely, I know it might sound almost too good to be true, but believe me, this book has got all the firepower you need to snag that life-changing scholarship for your child!

As a parent, you’re on a mission to secure a radiant future for your child, no doubt about it.

But let’s face it, the price tag on education can throw a wrench in the works.

I see the sacrifices you make day in and day out, all for your child’s betterment. And you know what? I’m here to give you a little boost by dishing out the value of this book for just $30.

Hold tight, because scholarships? They’re not just about tuition fees.

They can actually shoulder the weight of other expenses like textbooks, supplies, and even that cozy room on campus. By chopping down the financial load, your child can really dig into their education, chase their dreams, and wave goodbye to student loan stress.

Bagging a scholarship? That’s like a turbo boost to your child’s confidence and drive. It’s a shiny badge that tells them, “Hey, your hard graft hasn’t gone unnoticed. Someone believes big time in your potential.”

And trust me, this turbo charge doesn’t stop at studies. It spills over into their entire life, fueling their career and personal success.

Education? It’s more than just dollars and cents. It’s an investment in your child’s tomorrows and their happiness. Bestowing them with a scholarship? It’s your way of saying, “Kid, I’ve got your back, and I’m strolling this path with you.”

Investing in their education is a one-way ticket to investing in their future, something money can’t even buy.

This book? It’s a golden ticket for parents, a chance to power up their child’s journey toward a dazzling tomorrow. 🌟